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The personal need for a rigid cabin inflatable vessel in accordance to the specific requirements of the founder of the company, as well as those of his family, was the result of an effort which initially started off as a personal leisure activity in 2000 and brought about the founding the company SEAFIGHTER RIB in 2008, with its headquarters based in the Athens superb Koropi.

Using his knowledge in mechanical engineering as well as advice and input from an experienced collaborator-shipbuilder, in additions to his personal zest for a high quality performance hull and deck, has as a result the creation of 10 metre cabin inflatable vessel with a unique design which in itself differentiates from what we know today as the Greek format of design.
Influenced greatly by the American performance vessels, which he noted and which he was fascinated by, he added to that his own personal opinions and ideas for the combination of both its actual external features, as well as, that of the comfortable accommodation of at least 4 individuals. In a hull which has the ability to provide speed and stability in floatation draft as well and most importantly so, provide safety for its occupants on board during its sea voyage.

The Seafighter One with a certifying length of hull of 9.98 metres and total length of 10.65 metres, equipped and outfitted with fuel reservoirs of 600 litres capacity, water reservoirs of 150 litres capacity and a total weight of roughly 2200 kg that is including its basic fittings and equipment, has became a reality.

Quality was the utmost priority from the initial steps of its manufacturing process, hence the reason it was painstakingly and professionally assembled in its entirety by its founder at the headquarters of the company, where attention to detail was paid throughout the electric installation as that of the fittings placed right down to the final screw.




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Initially in the search for the purchase and placement of the appropriate engine, which would be both, fuel efficient and provide high performance speed- lead by years of research- raised the dilemma of the choice between outboard or inboard engines. As a result of this research though a decision was made for the placement of a particular model of petrol engine 2 x 300 Hp inboard-outboard, which in turn allowed for a vessel performance of cruising speed of 32 knots at 3200/rpm with a consumption of 2.1 lit/mil and a maximum speed of 49 knots at 5100/rpm with a consumption of 3.5 lit/mil, by doing so excellently meeting the highest criteria and requirements of a vessel of this size.

The demo vessel became a reality in 2008.

The sport cabin dark grey hull with its yellow floaters was an innovative proposal of appearance, which drew positive interest and feedback to those who bore witness on its maiden voyage on the Aegean Sea that summer, reflecting the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its creator on those blue waters.
The cabin boasts a fashionable, comfortable and spacious design outfitted with leather and teak wood fittings. In the interior, one too, may enjoy the luxury of a full sized double bed, the dimensions of which are 2 metres, a sitting area which can convert into a second bed the dimensions of which are 1,30 by 1,80 metres, resulting in the accommodation a large family comfortably in style and leisure. The exterior and interior cabinates more than efficiently provide room for storage that of luggage and safety equipment on board. The private laboratory area with holding tank and hot water system as well as shower, will be greatly appreciated by all occupants throughout the vessel journey at sea.
The exterior deck too, is extremely functional and inviting for early sunbathing as well as throughout the day dining area. The hull provides a steady platform for diving or just relaxing and enjoying the sunset with good conversation in a wonderfully comfortable environment.
For his owner it was ultimate experience of boat cruising for the rigidness and stability of the vessel and the power of its engines combine to harmoniously provide a truly enjoyable voyage at sea.

From 2008 to 2009 the company proudly manufactured with great achievement three more vessels with this quality, changing only colours in hull and floaters and successfully perfecting any minor details to the design of the deck enhancing its comfort and capability for its owners.

At the 31st International Naval Exhibition which took place in Athens on October 2009 the Seafighter One 998 was unveiled to the public. The positive feedback and interest generated by the viewing public, was the confirmation the company needed and reward of its result product they had so proudly manufactured.

The production line for the next vessels is currently in process as well as that of special research developed to begin the placement of only outboard engines.

Simultaneously we continue research into a combination of a data collected on a hull and engine combined performance to be able to provide higher levels of speed performance, as well as the progress in manufacturing such a vessel in an open deck version, which will be soon be available for all intended purposes.


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